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Tribal Wars 2 Login

In Tribal Wars 2, dem Nachfolger zum legendären Browserspiel "Die Stämme", geht die Schlacht ums Mittelalter in eine neue Runde. Baue dein Dorf und dein Imperium aus! Verbünde dich mit anderen Spielern, um mächtige Stämme zu gründen! Entsende deine Armee und schütze deine. dein eigenes Dorf! Das kostenlose Online-Spiel Die Stämme ist international auch unter dem Namen Tribal Wars bekannt. Registriere dich jetzt und spiele!

Tribal Wars 2

sieh dir Screenshots an und erfahre mehr über Tribal Wars 2. Lade Tribal Wars 2 und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Baue dein Dorf und dein Imperium aus! Verbünde dich mit anderen Spielern, um mächtige Stämme zu gründen! Entsende deine Armee und schütze deine. dein eigenes Dorf! Das kostenlose Online-Spiel Die Stämme ist international auch unter dem Namen Tribal Wars bekannt. Registriere dich jetzt und spiele!

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Attack planner for Tribal Wars 2

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Follow us on Facebook Apps To Play. Read More. Jun 3, Acworth. New Issue Building Queue. D Spot Nov 14, Replies 7 Views Dec 20, Upwards. New Issue Cant Login.

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BlackWolfThe Mad Aug 2, Replies 2 Views Aug 4, CaptC. New Issue Login Problem with mac firefox. May 29, battlegod. Sometimes in the villages there are troops that used to belong to the player.

Warlords can greatly help you during hostilities. If military leaders are available to you, then you can appoint them to the army.

Warlords can be acquired or obtained for completing missions quests and missions in the resource deposit. When you cancel the team in which the Warlords were, you do not get them back, so carefully plan each order!

If you appointed a military leader in the template, then he will automatically join the army, if available. If the commander is not available, then the army will still go on the attack, but without it.

Capture the village. To capture a village, you first need a nobleman. With a successful attack on the village, the Nobleman reduces the confidence of the villagers.

Initially, the trust is , but with each attack of the Nobleman it decreases by units, even if you attack with two or more Nobles at a time. To capture a village, you must reduce the trust of the village population to a value below 0.

Usually, this requires attacks, but in rare cases 3 is enough. If you send one Nobleman without any support, then he will most likely be destroyed by the base defense of the village.

That is why it is important to send other troops along with the nobleman. As soon as the Nobleman reduces his confidence to -1 or lower , he becomes the ruler of the village in your submission, and can no longer be used for attacks.

The troops, sent together in the Nobleman, who captured the village, remain in it as reinforcements. Recruitment of a Nobleman. For recruiting a nobleman, the Academy is first and foremost necessary.

To create an Academy, you need level 20 of the Town Hall. You also need a sufficient amount of resources and space on the farm. The number of nobles you can recruit depends on the number of your coins.

Coins are stored at the Academy. If you lose the Nobleman or the village, then you will get the coins back, because they are stored globally on your account.

The more villages you have under your command, the more coins you will need to recruit a new Nobleman. The trust of the village population shows how willing the villagers are to overthrow their ruler.

Typically, trust is , in which case it is not displayed in reports. Once you launch an attack with a Nobleman, confidence will decrease by Typically, confidence is restored at a speed of 1 unit per hour, but it depends on the speed of the world.

For example, at a speed of world 2, confidence will be restored at a speed of 2 per hour. As soon as trust falls to 0, the village will be won, and trust in the new ruler will increase to Capture your villages with another player.

Losing the village is certainly unpleasant, but this is not a reason to leave the game. You will receive a village at the edge of the map and will be surrounded by other players who have just started playing or also lost all their villages.

Ask your tribe for help with resources and troops to recover as quickly as possible. How to find a tribe? It is recommended that you find the tribe you would like to join as soon as possible if you are just starting the game.

Although each player has the opportunity to create their own tribe, it is recommended to use this option only if you already have experience in the game.

To join the tribe, you can either wait for the invitation, or apply for membership yourself. In order to see the list of tribes, you must open the Tribes window in the main menu.

More often than not, tribes indicate whether they are recruiting players or not. Also in the description is usually indicated the leader of the tribe and the player engaged in recruiting.

You must write to this player, asking to send an invitation to join the tribe. Many tribes are asked to explain why you want to join their ranks.

Your application will only be visible to members of the tribe with the appropriate rights. Forum tribe.

In this window you can use the tribe forum. On the forum you can discuss the tactics of the tribe, plans for attacks, as well as just talk and get to know your fellow tribesmen.

Members of the tribe with sufficient rights have privileges to edit the forum, add and remove topics.

Only forum moderators and the founder can edit sections of the forum on the top panel. You can select and copy the text of their forum thread, and then paste it into another forum thread, or send it to the player in a message.

Leaving the tribe. This button can be found by opening the tribe profile window. Before leaving, the founder of the tribe must transfer the rights to someone else, otherwise the exit from the tribe will be impossible.

Also, you can dissolve a tribe if you are its only member. In the tribe profile, you can get basic information about the tribe.

If you are not a member of the tribe, you can see the following information:. The tabs located above allow you to switch between the profile of the tribe and the list of participants.

The block in the center displays the tribal icon and other information, such as the number of participants, rating, total points, etc.

If you are thinking about joining a tribe, there are additional aspects that will help you make a decision: The line "type of tribe" displays how you can join a tribe.

If anyone can join the tribe, then you will see the "join" button. However, do not forget about the minimum number of points for entry - if you have fewer points than necessary, then you can not enter.

They can accept or reject your application. Finally, "closed" means that the tribe does not accept new members. The description of the tribe also provides information on the achievements of the tribe, but only on those that the leader of the tribe chose to display.

When you click on "more information" an additional window will appear where you can get additional information about the points and combat points of the tribe:.

There, besides all the information, you can get access to tribal diplomacy and to the forum, diplomacy and tribal skills. In the profile you can also see an overview of the events of the tribe, as well as leave the tribe if necessary.

Also, there is a settings tab that you can see if you have the necessary rights. This is the rating of the tribe. You can sort it by any of the columns for example, by village, honor, or even by activity.

In this tab, you can also see if someone from your tribe is being attacked. The tribe has the following rights:. Tribal skills.

Once your tribe has accumulated enough experience points for a new level, you will receive a skill point that can be used in the tribal skill village.

The skills that the leader of your tribe will choose will apply to all members of the tribe! You can find tribal skills in the tribe window, the tab farthest to the right:.

The number in the upper left corner indicates the level of your tribe. On the right side you can see the number of skill points that the tribal leader can spend.

Between these tabs is an indicator that shows when the next level will be reached. You will also see a donate button next to the indicator. Below the indicator are all the skills that your tribe can get.

If you click on one of the skill icons, you will receive additional information about them. Gaining experience. First of all, you must earn experience points for your tribe.

You can do this by donating resources or crowns. When a tribe donates resources, the tribe will receive 1 experience point for every units of resources.

Players will be able to give away the extra resources that they received, for example, during the robbery of barbarian villages, for the development of the tribe.

Players can also donate crowns, and then the tribe will receive a larger bonus. Once enough resources have been donated to reach the next level, the tribe will receive a skill point.

Skill points are used in levels, and at each level there are several bonuses to choose from. The leader of the tribe, or a trusted member of the tribe with the appropriate rights, can manage skill points.

Skills give a bonus to all members of the tribe for all villages, troops or buildings, depending on the type of bonus. If a tribal leader at some point decides to change the distribution of skill points, this can be done by sacrificing the last skill level.

If you select this option, it will additionally need to be confirmed, so accidentally redistributing all the skills will not work.

To simplify the donation process for large accounts, there is a mass donation feature:. Here you can choose a percentage of the resources that you want to donate, and you can change the percentage for each individual village.

Getting honor points. For donating resources to your tribe, you will receive honor points. They are based on each thousand experience points that a player created by donating resources or crowns to a tribe.

Donation ratings can also be checked at the bottom of the tribal skills page. Getting skill points. When your tribe has gained enough experience, it reaches a new level.

Each level gives you one skill point that you can spend in the skill tree. You can see the current level of your tribe at the bottom of the main menu:.

Skill tree. The founder of the tribe and its members with the right to "Skill Management" can spend skill points. However, this must be done wisely - redistributing skill points is very expensive!

Skill points can be used in the skill tree. The skill tree has three levels, the higher levels will be unlocked when the tribe has already spent 20 or 40 skill points in the lower levels.

If you and your tribe are no longer satisfied with the skills of the tribe, the tribal leader or member of the tribe, with the appropriate rights, can redistribute them.

Remember that each redistribution is worth the last skill point gained. Therefore, the first thing you will need to do when you click the redistribute skills button is to confirm that you know what you are doing and understand what price the tribe will pay for it.

After that, you will see a skill tree without spent skill points that can be reused, minus those that you spent on the redistribution operation.

When you finish redistributing skill points, just click on the "Save" button. Only when the skill points disappear and the new distribution of the skill points of your tribe is saved.

The hospital. If the leader of your tribe opens this bonus, you will receive more beds in the Hospital:. When this skill is at level 10, you can have an extra beds.

The "cart" skill will help when you attack enemies or barbarian villages in order to obtain resources. This bonus will help not only when plundering, but also when completing tasks from a resource deposit:.

Strength - in quantity. Think 20 members is not enough for your tribe? Then this skill is the solution to your problem. When using this skill, max.

If your tribe has more than 20 members, and you decide to redistribute the skill points, you will first have to learn this skill, and then choose the remaining skills.

Trails for a raid. This skill will help all members of the tribe to accelerate their troops in attacks on the villages of farmers.

Acceleration will be displayed in the attack window:. This skill is combined with the Great Robber.

If the tribe reaches level 10 and the player uses the Great Robber, the troops will move four times faster. This bonus also affects the deposit of resources.

You can use this skill for more effective attacks: troops will receive extra. You will see the same icon in reports, where additional will also be present.

You can see the bonus in the battle modifiers tooltip. Internal agent. This skill will help all members of the tribe protect their villages from raiding scouts.

In addition, you do not need to have scouts in the village: a bonus will help in protecting the village, regardless of this. Iron wall.

A member of your tribe is being attacked, and you can hardly defend his village? Iron walls can help you! With each level you will receive one level for the wall, which cannot be demolished.

At the maximum level, the wall will always be level 5. Intense recruitment. The troops are very important, but time is spent on their recruitment.

This skill will help you and your tribe gain warriors faster. This skill is very useful for attacking tribes.

After that, they will be ready for the next attack. This bonus can be combined with Medic. If reinforcements need to be rushed, this skill will come in handy.

This skill doubles the speed of all troops if they are sent as reinforcements to another player from your tribe. If this bonus is active, the window for sending troops will show two times: one for the attack, the other for sending reinforcements:.

Rewards are given for your achievements and growth in Tribal Wars 2. Rewards can be earned in many ways.

The award is given to players who fulfill certain requirements. It may be necessary, for example, to reach a certain number of points, take advantage of the market a certain number of times, or plunder a certain amount of resources.

On the review page, you can see your current progress for each category of awards. You will also see the number of points that you already have, as well as their maximum number.

By clicking on one of the categories, you will be redirected to certain rewards. Recent rewards. This section shows your last 5 awards. By clicking on one of them, you will go to a specific award, with information about your progress.

Comparison of rewards. You can compare your rewards with the rewards of another player. To do this, you need to: go to the profile of another player and click compare.

At the top of the screen, you will see your rewards left and the rewards of the player you selected right. You can also see reward points, player villages, battle points, and his current rewards.

In the comparison section, you can see the level of your rewards relative to other players. Each player receives a series of tasks at the beginning of the game.

After completing assignments, you can receive rewards, such as accelerated resource growth, premium features, troops, and more.

There are several types of tasks, and all of them are divided into different groups. The task is to help you understand the game at the very beginning.

Where to find assignments? Tasks are located on the left side of the screen. Each group of tasks contains several tasks that must be completed in order to receive new ones.

Upon completion of the task, it will be marked with a chest icon:. The quest indicators in the Town Hall will help you understand which buildings you must upgrade to complete the quest.

What is a store? In the store you can purchase bonuses, military leaders and other premium items that will help you in the game.

To enter the store, click on the store icon as shown below. Using the store. Below is a picture of the store. You can see all the items and offers that you can buy for crowns:.

I was logged in not long ago and everything was fine, my user and pass are auto saved by browser. However I can log in through the app but not my computer?

Edit: It just says Login Problem below my user and pass, nothing more. Using web browser too. Tried both Firefox and Google, same result.

Farrelly93 said:. It's working now.

Tribal Wars 2 Login

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Tribal Wars 2 Login Mehr von diesem Entwickler Wettprogramm anzeigen. Kategorie Spiele. Installiert die neuste Version für die neusten Funktionen und Bugfixes. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Tribal Wars 2 Team. Jun 17, I'm suffering from my nobles should have left their Villages 2 hours ago and now I'm sleepy. Still unable to login. World in Tribal Wars 2 is another word for the game servers. Every realm has the same fundamental features - but there is some difference to the settings, such as world speed, unit speed, tribe limit etc. A player can play on multiple worlds with 1 account, however it is forbidden to play on the same world with 2 or more accounts. Tribal Wars 2 is a browser-based medieval Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) war game with a focus on battle strategy and castle management in a medieval universe, filled with knights, generals and political are the ruler of a castle in a war torn landscape, and must defend and expand your kingdom to ensure its survival. Tribal Wars 2 awaits you: Step into in a world filled with knights, generals and political decisions. Fortify your castle, rally your army and attack!. Login to Tribal Wars 2 ( Username: Password: Submit. If you do not know or remember your username or password, please click here. Tritt ein in eine Welt mit Generälen und politischen Entscheidungen - das kostenlose Online-Strategiespiel Tribal Wars 2 erwartet dich. Melde dich jetzt bei TW2. Doch Tribal Wars 2 ist viel mehr als nur ein simples Strategie-Stadtbau-Spiel - du musst außerdem eine Armee aufbauen, indem du Soldaten rekrutierst und. Login to Tribal Wars 2 ( Username: Password: Submit. If you do not know or remember your username or password, please click here. Baue dein Dorf und dein Imperium aus! Verbünde dich mit anderen Spielern, um mächtige Stämme zu gründen! Entsende deine Armee und schütze deine. On the right side you can see the number of skill points that the tribal leader can Tribal Wars 2 Login. If you have a lot of troops, then you will Starcraft 2 Ligen a "dear target" for other players, and they will Geld Verdienen Börse to conquer a less protected village. The tribe will provide not only economic and military support for your villages Gamomat more developed players, but will also help you better know Marcel Lüske game with the help of other members of the tribe. Just click on the arrow button below the tabs. Tired of entering the number of troops each time Cleopatra 2 send an attack? Finally, "closed" means that the tribe does not accept new members. Reports are created on your account after various events, such as an attack on a village. The Spielend Geld Verdienen Ohne Einzahlung filter will show all the troops in your village no matter where they are Rtl Spiel Kostenlos. Instant recruitment. The number of points you receive depends on whether you were on the attack or on the defensive. Nov My Free Farm Quests, CaptC. The block in the Spider Solitör Biz displays the tribal icon and other Em Playoff, such as the number of participants, rating, total points, etc. Follow us on Facebook Apps To Play. The construction of buildings is associated with 5 things:. If you do not want to recruit Gewinnklassen Glücksspirale same troops in all villages, then just select Spielsucht Englisch troops to recruit and check the box next to the village:.
Tribal Wars 2 Login A Tribal Wars 2, röviden TW2, egy középkori környezetben játszódó ingyenes online stratégiai játék, mely tele van lovagokkal, tábornokokkal és politikai döntésekkel. Egy háborúk által szétszaggatott világ egyik kastélyának uraként játszva meg kell védened és ki . Tribal Wars 2 – build and fortify your medieval castle. The West. Home-Rules-World Info-Support-Help-Forum-Follow us on. Login Tribal Wars. Tribal Wars is a browser-based game set in the Middle Ages. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Register now for free! Screenshots of the browser game. Pășește într-o lume plină de cavaleri, generali și decizii politice - Jocul online gratuit de strategie medievală Tribal Wars 2 te așteaptă. Înregistrează-te acum! Managed to get on but like diablo said, very, very slow, then timed out. Forums New posts Search forums. Actually, I am more looking for the building list of a defense Billard Berlin offense village, such as Lv 30 Warhouse, Laurax, Headquarter, etc It is the only speed setting that is independent of the World Speed.


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